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Manifest Brut

Homo-sapiens - sapiens appeared 200,000 years ago.


At a given moment in its path, he feels the need to express himself differently. Until then, he was able to articulate sounds and gestures. But he discover that the embers of coal can be an instrument of communication to allow him to leave prints on the rocks, signs and images that will draw in his own perception of the world and the universe around him.

In effect, since he turned his eyes to heaven, he wouldn’t stop to observe it and to observe his surroundings any more. Through its various interpretations and free signs left on the rocks, he will learn to better understand his world. He sought then an equitable method of collaboration between himself and the world to satisfy the requirements of one and the other in the absolute respect for diversity and species.
These principles are universal and can’t be divided; they are born with us and die with us. Today and especially today, the system searches through any means to devalue those principles or even to destroy them distracting us with an ephemeral market made of fleeting images and dictatorial information.
We must fight vigorously to regain our freedom and to slow down with force the destroying advance of a cutthroat market encouraged by his “intellectuals" henchmen.

To serve its own conscience and to seek the universal harmony that unifies rather to divide. Be witnesses of the present and mediators for the future, a future in which everybody and I mean everybody will be inevitably part of it. Be careful guardians so that the fundamental rights of man and nature are respected.

Return to origins, to the old "passions", to simplicity and to the human warmth. Be masters of our actions, honest collaborators with our interlocutors and towards the other in which we reflect perceiving the unity and freedom.


Movement BRUT (Back to the origins) has targeted three objectives.

The first and perhaps most important is the independence of the artist.
We must have a radical breaking with a programmed and stereotyped vision of a market that has stolen our dreams, our ideas, and our artist’s nature.
The market puts us to continuous commercial pressures. It forces us to follow the cultural project imposed by an unilateral system where the only winners are none other than those who manipulate the market, modelling with lies and flattery their followers, and their small ''Intellectuals'' which, for a piece of bread and a reputation similar to that of a "reality show", are willing to serve their cultural capacities to the manipulators.


The second is how to oppose the invader and how to set up barricades to block their attacks and especially their blackmails? The solution would probably be the management in full freedom of our knowledge through independent and alternative channels to the only places for art works ''consecration” such as galleries and museums.
The invader claims, as well as art critics, to judge, to value and to make a price on others property as it was the fruit of their undoubted “talent scout”. Meanwhile they swell their bank accounts and don’t care less of democracy.
We should need to resize the role of exhibition spaces and the role of their cultural defenders by giving to everybody the opportunity to approach them-selves to a thought, than to think about it and finally become part of a dialogue that will probably brings us to reflections, proposals and community resolutions.
All would be the beneficiaries then; everybody would find the pleasure of being together and to feel again the real solidarity becoming part of a society that thinks and acts for the common good.


The third objective is the total rejection of an untruthful system to the point that we can put to discussion its own fundamental basis.
Rimbaud said: “and today I learned everything, I feel the need to unlearn everything.''
He lies as he breathes. How many have created their own personality completely based on lies? Some evoke episodes of their lives that they never really lived but by dint of tell, these memories have become so entrenched in their minds that they do not know any more if they are real or if they are the fruit of their imagination.

Often, lies occupy a big part of his daily life.
He lies even when it is not necessary. He feels obliged to lie because the fears and compromises are multiple, as well as ongoing blackmail too.
He lies also to occupy a space to be accepted within his own community, for a role or position in society to offer or to impose to himself a social status that often he isn’t even capable to manage losing therefore contact with reality.  

He lies to himself, revealing a lack of respect and he does not realize that he no longer owns himself but has become prisoner of his own creation that will decide his fate. Refusing his teachings, it is still possible to get away from a wrong life and take the path that will bring us to dead with dignity. 
We're not asking the impossible but to understand and listen in its own heart and gradually, with small changes and some resistance, we can reverse this degenerated system and build a better one, a system that can satisfy our needs and restore our stolen dignity. 
                                                               Rino Telaro      Michaël Beauvent





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